Welcome to The Mico Regional Science and Mathematics Teaching and Learning Academic Conference for the Caribbean and Latin America. The conference will be held at The Jamaica Conference Centre, 14-20 Port Royal Street, Kingston, Jamaica W.I. from March 19-20, 2012.




The conference is designed to bring together policy makers and practitioners in education to explore successful models in science and mathematics teaching and learning.




This conference will assemble practitioners and researchers from Russia, Britain, United States of America, India, Finland, the Caribbean and Latin America. The purpose of this assembly is to share experiences and findings so that solutions to common challenges associated with science and mathematics teaching and learning can be found. 


Main Conference Strands


The Conference will explore the following themes:

  • Identifying regional concerns in the teaching/learning of science and mathematics
  • What has been the progress in science and mathematics teaching/learning in the region?
  • International perspectives/solutions in science and mathematics education
  • Confronting the challenges in the teaching/learning of science and mathematics

Conference Objectives


  • Examine the progress of science and mathematics education in the region
  • Provide a forum for sharing best practices in the teaching and learnin of science an mathematics in early childhood, primary, secondary and teritary eduction
  • Propose goals for science and mathematics teaching relevant to regional human development
  • Establish a permanent forum for sustainable regional collaboration in mathematics and science teaching and learning to foster innovation